Our paper was selected for the 2021 Leading Research Achievements


Vagus Lights!

Medical Technology Apr 2021

Vagus nerve stimulation sheds light on tackling obesity

eNews-Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

“A New Technology Enables Manipulation of Neurons in Peripheral Organs and Reveals a Mechanism of Appetite Suppression”

NSF Discovery Files

Woo Seok’s defense on March 11th, 2021.

Our work on wireless optogenetics for PNS has been featured in many news agencies including Scripps Nation, NSF The Discovery Files, ScienceDaily, Sciencetimes, Dailymail, 25 News KXXV, First Bell, Futurity, etc…


We filed an international patent in 2017. Kogent Inc., one of the biggest surgical tool companies, agreed on the license and is looking into a path to commercialization. Hopefully, we can see the light apparatus being used for surgeries by next year.


Our recent work on wireless optogenetics has been highlighted in Lab on Animal (laban.1208) which is one of nature journals.